Partnering and Consultancy

Partnering and consultancy is a bespoke service, applying our local expertise and influential networks to inform your strategies in international and transnational collaborations. Our global reach can help improve your knowledge of opportunities then support you in navigating increasingly sophisticated markets.

  • Commission customised research and face-to-face market briefings of new business opportunities, competition, market trends and your stakeholders overseas 
  • Benefit from strategic consulting to help you meet marketing, business development and recruitment goals in your target markets.
  • Access the right partners and meet with key influencers and  for international recruitment and transnational education collaboration
  • Receive guidance on accepted local practice and regulatory processes relevant to your next strategic move
Where do I get more information?

Please speak with an Account Manager or email us at  We will arrange to receive an initial briefing of your needs and direct you to dedicated research teams and education teams in-country who will work with you on an agreed plan, including quotation, timescales and delivery.