Education Intelligence

Our Education Intelligence provides UK clients with cutting-edge data, analysis and knowledge about international higher education, specialising in student insights, student mobility trends and partnership development. Clients access our Education Intelligence through research reports, live events and data mining tools, to optimise their marketing and recruitment strategies. For bespoke research, please visit our Partnering and Consultancy page.

Our research

  • Market Intelligence Briefs: demographic, policy and economic overviews, updated annually, containing macroeconomic and socio-economic indicators and educational data
  • Student Insight: the influences and motivating factors driving the decision-making of higher education students
  • EI Features: reports highlighting the latest trends and topics in the global international higher education market from a student perspective
  • Partnership Access: a series of specialist reports providing insight into transnational education opportunities
  • Inside Guide: a series of reports providing a grass-roots examination of selective countries and offering insights on how to start operations or gain market share.
  • Subject Spotlight: a new research series examining international student demand for specific subjects within a global context
  • Sector reports: Country specific reports providing insights into markets offering growth opportunities in school and further education, featuring student and parent perspectives.
  • Global Trends Analysis: research which explores major and longer-term education trends, and identifies emerging opportunities. 
Our data mining tools
  • Student insight data tool: real-time data about the attitudes and opinions of today's internationally mobile students
  • Higher education student data tool: time-series data about international students from the UK Higher Education Statistics Agency1
  • Education Intelligence : Interactive Access: economic and demographic trends via interactive profiles.
Our annual subscription service
IES Insights subscription packages offer current and relevant market intelligence, insight and analysis. Nearly 120 UK education institutions and organisations subscribe to our annual service encompassing research reports and data mining tools that provide invaluable support for recruitment and marketing efforts.
Packages are available to suit different needs and budgets. For details please download a copy of our subscription brochure.
Where do I get more information?
Please contact your Account Manager or email us at  
Download our full IES subscription brochure
1 Please note that under HESA regulations only institutions contributing data to HESA are permitted to access the data mining tool