Despite the large number of Thai students studying abroad, the country is well behind some of its neighbours in terms of the number of students on transnational education (TNE) programmes.
East Asia
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Free webinar on 4 October about current trends in the Russian market
The Lagos State Government is seeking international institutions to support its ambition to set up international standard higher education institutions within Lagos State.
Middle East & Africa, United Kingdom
Opportunity for refugee students to take part in a virtual exchange project
The Suzhou Education Bureau is looking for a UK partner to deliver an interactive one-week training course for around 35 teachers for English in primary and secondary schools in Suzhou, China in early January 2019. The overall aim of the training programme is to develop local school teachers’ capabilities in terms of drama in education (DIE) or theatre in education (TIE), in order to maximise student engagement, raise student attainment, and help students to discover the joy of language learning through drama/theatre work.
East Asia
Shanghai Police College (SPC) is looking for a UK university partner to develop and deliver a two-week training programme in the UK for a group of 20 undergraduate students accompanied by two lead teachers from SPC in policing studies. The programme should be two weeks (10 days for lecturing) in length and based in the UK, preferably from 26 November to 7 December 2018.
East Asia
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